Nav Thethi: A Digital CX Evangelist

CX Evangelist | Digital Economist | Speaker | Author | Researcher | Advisor

I design customer experience on digital channels to its entirety. My focus is to define and develop the digital journey of customers throughout all the touchpoints that lead to conversation and retention while provide personalized experience at each interaction.

Majority of my work involves, but not limited to:

  • Define digital customer experience strategy aligned with business outcome.
  • Define customer journey maps, touch points, success criteria and RACI matrix at each major touch points.
  • Understanding customers behavior, patterns, and opportunities etc. from data analyses.
  • Designing and experimenting new ways to engage with customers, learn what works and what doesn’t, and enable internal processes and staff to keep delivering the consistent branded experience.
  • Leverage omnichannel and customer data to deliver seamless customer experience across different channels.

An Author! A Speaker!! An Influencer!!!

I write and talk to educate business leaders by sharing my knowledge on customer experience (CX) and digital ecosystem (DX) to enable them for designing super cool digital experience.

I want to positively impact people's lives by creating experiences that make them feel valued and leave a lasting impression with a smile. I strive to build the meaningful relationships and create environments that foster connection, joy, and mutual growth.



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